Real Testmonials


"Getting a puppy for the first time can be SOOO overwhelming! I found myself so stressed out that I wasn't being the best dog mom I could...I was searching websites and links all the time...but non of the tips seemed to work! Luckily I found Robert and he was able to not only show me how to properly train my dog, but he was also able to lay a lot of the groundwork for me by taking Sunny in and training him for a while.   What a relief! Now sunny is 3 yrs old and all the training has really payed off. He's the best dog ever! Thanks Robert!

Sincerely,   Serena Ryder

Robert is a miracle worker!  We have two massive black labs, each about 90lbs, litter mates and brothers, that were a real handful as youngsters. Once we found Robert everything changed, he has made them calm, friendly, incredibly gentle and totally impervious to loud noises, other dogs or being pulled around by children.   They're now been working with Robert for two-years, they've improved so much that he uses them to help other dogs, such as adoptions, acclimatize to other dogs, people, noises etc.  Besides their responsiveness to verbal commands and ability for our young daughter to walk both of them down a busy street, is that you can literally take food out of their mouths or hold it in your hand without them biting or snapping or growling - this even works when we give them red meat.  Robert is an amazing person, who does amazing work, he genuinely cares and we would highly recommend him to anyone.

Regards, Arryn

I found Robert's business card in a pet shop and sent him an email. I was looking for a dog trainer that could help me with my great big four-year old German Shepherd. I felt that my dog had become quite aggressive after a stressful year that included two moves and a major, negative shift in our home environment. Once we were settled and on our own again, I was desperate to stop his bad behavior (horrible barking and snapping at other dogs on the sidewalk and he'd begun nipping at passerby's hands) and spoke to Robert on the phone in detail about Murray's 'issues'. We met a few days later and I was so impressed with how calm and gentle he was. He [evaluated] Murray on his own and assured me that my dog wasn't aggressive but was confused about his role on our walks (I wasn't giving any clear direction or correction at the time). After our first hour together, I could see that there was an improvement in Murray's behavior with people on the sidewalk, primarily because I had a better understanding of how to correct him. Meeting other dogs on leash took a bit more time but with practice and Robert's steady guidance we've made it back to off-leash dog parks with great success. I've learned so much about my own dog, as well as the body language of other dogs we encounter. I have seen a marked improvement in Murray's behavior and feel far more confident myself in doggy-social situations. I've recommended Robert to friends and strangers alike - with his help, I got my beautiful, gentle boy back! 

Andy Fraser

Thanks so much Robert. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your  training and all of your advice.  I have continued using the methods you  taught me - and will be "training" Sam and Adam [her kids] as well.

Elaine Martyn

Real Testmonials


Robert has made our walks with our dog McQueen, a female Rottweiler, an enjoyable experience.  When  McQueen hit the 3 year mark she began misbehaving on her walks and we  dreaded having to take her out.She began walking ahead and pulling at  her leash. She would also bark and lunge at other dogs that would walk  near us. This was especially difficult in the winter time with a dog  that weights equal to myself.   Robert  explained one of the issues with McQueen was that the larger dogs or  close to her size made her nervous, her lunging/barking response was a  natural defensive action.  Since  Robert has been taking McQueen on her walks she is much calmer and less  reactive. She no longer pulls at her leash and we can walk past other  dogs, large or small with no reaction. We now look forward to our walks  with her. I highly recommend hiring Robert if you have any training  issues with your dog. 

Danielle Dawson

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