About Us

My Background


I have had dogs all my life and helped friends and family train their dogs. I started as a volunteer dog walker at the humane society in Calgary and then Toronto. While I was at Toronto Animal Services I was invited to intern for 3 months in North Carolina (NC) with an organization that rescues and rehabilitates animals with behavioral and medical issues. In NC I worked with over 30 different dogs of various breeds, energy levels and personalities. When I returned to Toronto in 2014, I decided to start my own business. I specialize in working with dogs with behavioral issues, however I also do obedience training. I use a combination of methods depending on the situation. My preference is use positive training methods to develop a strong relationship based on trust and respect to overcome behavioral issues.

What can you expect


The first session involves a consultation in your home to discuss your concerns. We then work hands on together to address those concerns with your dog for approximately 60 minutes. Normally the first session lasts 1:30-2hrs and then subsequent sessions are normally an hour. You will see an improvement after the first session. The number of sessions depends on how much work you are comfortable doing on your own. Normally a specific concern can be resolved in 2 or 3 sessions.

What is Dog Psychology?


In standard training, people try to force dogs to understand what they want from them. When we use dog psychology, we are communicating from the canine perspective rather than from the human one. Dog psychology uses behavior and body language, as well as specific activities, to communicate more effectively with dogs.  With the use of dog psychology we can accomplish your goals faster while helping you develop a stronger bond with your dog.